WHEN:        Wednesdays

TIME:           8:30 - 10:30am

WHERE:      Room 107

LEADERS:  Katherine Bailey & Wilma Washington


If you are a woman 50 or over and looking for a place to connect with other women in the same stage of life, this is the group for you.





Most of us could use a miracle.  Some physical condition, relational problem or financial crisis in our lives could be solved rather quickly with just one miracle.

When we open the pages of the Bible, our desire for a miracle intensifies as we read astonishing stories of God's power poured out on people just like us.  We come away wishing that God would do something supernatural in our lives.

What can we do to experience the power of God unleashed in the struggles and problems we face every day?  This study guide will help you discover the answer to that question.  Our source of information, however, will not be stories of seemingly miraculous events gleaned from newspapers or inspirational magazines.  We will look instead at what God says in his Word about miracles and then try to apply what we learn to the issues we face in our lives today.



For more information, connect with Katherine at 951-255-1780