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Philippines | Steve and Lenae Hong


"When I came to Faith Academy, I didn't want to just teach.  I wanted to be part of keeping the missionary kids in God's family.  Too many were walking away from their faith after high school and never returning.

I hope that I've reached a new level of relationship with all the students; that my reputation is not just that I'm fun and interesting as a teacher, but that I really care about them.  And that I'm trustworthy. And I accept them for who they are, not how they behave.  Because when I've achieved that, then I can help them be better people."

--Steve H.

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Sierra Leóne | Chad and Robin Courtney

Friends, Partners and Family


Clean water is one of the biggest needs in Sierra Leóne.

Beginning as missionaries with IAM in Chilé, Chad and Robin then took a team to Sierra Leóne to make a difference.  Their projects include drilling wells, and have expanded to caring for orphans of Ebola victims, providing food and water to undernourished villages, and protecting forests and vegetation.

Through the relationships they build, they share the good news of Jesus Christ, who provides living water to the people of Sierra Leóne.

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