LifeStream Blood Drive

Friday, September 25, 2020

9:00am to 3:00pm at
Discovery Christian Church
27555 Alessandro Blvd. Moreno Valley, CA 92555

Appointments are required to maintain social distancing. Please be sure to drink plenty of fluids. Bring a photo ID with proof of age. Donors under the age of 17 must bring a signed LifeStream parental consent form.

Urgent Need For Blood


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  • Blood donation activities are NOT classified as a gathering, but rather, are an essential healthcare
  • Donors are only in collection areas for the duration of the donation process.
  • Due to the nature of the virus, it is highly unlikely that it can be transmitted through blood transfusions – there are no suspected or reported cases.
  • There is no inherent risk of getting coronavirus or any other virus from the donation procedure itself as blood donation does not impact or weaken a donor’s immune system.
  • LifeStream is advising potential donors to stay away if they have visited countries with the most widespread transmission within the past 28 days, or have been exposed to someone suspected of
    having a COVID-19 infection. Signage is posted at entry locations for all blood collection sites, including mobile collection sites, with these instructions.
  • LifeStream is actively working with our employees to ensure that we are well and healthy.
  • LifeStream follows the FDA-regulated donor pre-screening process, and it is, and always has been a requirement that donors are well and healthy.
  • LifeStream staff adhere to rigorous safety and disinfection protocol, including wearing gloves and personal protective gear, wiping down donor-touched areas often and after every collection, using
    sterile collection sets for every donation/collection, and arm scrubbing for 30 seconds.
  • LifeStream is following the recommendations of our government officials in regards to wearing face
    masks. Healthy individuals are asked not to wear face masks as studies show that people that wear face masks touch their face more often, thus increasing their risk for exposure.
  • Precautionary measures are taken in our canteen area; snacks are not left out in common areas and are given to donors by LifeStream personnel in addition to frequent cleaning of the canteen area.
  • Giving blood is something healthy individuals can do to help the sick. The only source for blood is another human being and right now blood supplies are dwindling. All eligible and healthy donors are strongly urged to make an appointment immediately to prevent shortages.

Give the gift of life and donate blood!

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