Child Dedication Ceremony

Children are a blessing from God. The child dedication ceremony is a way for parents to publicly thank God for the blessing of their child and to promise God they will raise their child to know, honor and obey God and to love and serve Jesus Christ. The dedication ceremony does not pass on salvation to a child. However, the parents’ goal is to raise their child in this way so that their child will choose salvation for him or herself when he or she is mature enough to do so.

Our next Parents’ Child Dedication Class will be held Saturday, February 6 at 10:00am. Parents must attend the Parents’ class before participating in the Child Dedication Ceremony on Sunday, February 7 at 9:30am.

Child Dedication Class Registration

For more information, please connect with our Director of Children’s Ministry, Velma Foreman at [email protected] or (951) 924-5002