Serve Day: Campus Clean Up

March 6 10:00 am  |  Discovery Christian Church

Discovery Christian Church, Alessandro Boulevard, Moreno Valley, CA, USA

We’re having a Serve Day on Saturday, March 6. Join us at 10:00am to clean and organize different areas of our Discovery campus.┬áPlease fill out the volunteer form below and choose which area(s) you’d like to help clean up.

Areas we will be working on:

  • Worship Center – Organize, purge, and clean several different areas of the worship center/lobby/storage closets
  • Painting – Communion room (between the restrooms in the lobby) and one classroom
  • West Field – Tear out brush and prep for grass seed
  • Education Building Exterior – Dust and clean several areas of the exterior
  • Education Building Interior – Organize, purge, and clean several areas (classrooms, restrooms, and storage closets)
  • Preschool Play Yard – Families can add decor to preschool play yard fence

Volunteer Sign Up Form:

For more info/questions please connect with Lindsay at [email protected] or (951) 924-5002