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Week of February 21, 2021

February is the month of love…but maybe not for the reasons you think. While Valentine’s Day is celebrated once every year, Jesus’s love can be celebrated every day! This month our focus is on the powerful truth that Jesus loves me. What truth does our story bring us this week? We’ll learn that when we put our trust in Jesus, He helps us. Jesus helps us anytime, anywhere!


Use the activities to reinforce the story you watched and/or read with your child. Note: Some activities require supplies. The supplies are available for pick up at the outdoor church service. If you’re not attending the service, contact me at [email protected]
or call 951-924-5002*251 to schedule a time for pick up.

Song: Sing the following words to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?” as you rock or change your child

“Jesus loves you. Jesus loves you.
“Yes, He does. Yes, He does.
“Jesus loves me. Jesus loves you.
“Yes, He does. Yes, He does.”

Prayer: Teach your child to pray... when he/she wakes up, goes to sleep or eats, when making decisions. Teach them to pray anytime!

“Jesus, thank You for the way You helped the Centurion soldier. He knew You could heal his servant, and You did because You loved him. I know You will help me, too, because You love me. And I love You. Amen!”

February Memory Verse Chart

Practice the memory verse with your child. Each time your child is able to say the verse, put a sticker on their chart to celebrate! For those of you in the pre-talking stage, encourage your little ones to do the movements on the place mat.

Download Verse Chart
February Place Mat

This printable placemat is designed to sit on the table all month long. These give you easy access to this month’s bottom line as well as questions to ask each week and hand motions to the Bible verse.

Download Place Mat

The Parent Cue App is a powerful resource designed to help every parent do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper faith and a better future.
Learn more about the free Parent Cue App HERE.


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