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July 5, 2020: I spy someone Jesus loves, no matter what.

Welcome to July! We will be continuing with the I Spy theme through the end of this month. This week we hear about how Peter denies Jesus, even after he saw him do. some amazing things, such as walk on water and heal the sick. But Peter was so afraid after Jesus died, that Peter denied ever being Jesus friend. Watch the video to see what happens.

Memory Verse:
“These are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ,
the Son of God.” John 20:31

Pray With Your Child:
“Dear God, Thank you for sending Jesus to love us, no matter what. Sometimes we mess us and don’t even mean to do it. Other times, we choose to do the wrong thing, and for that, I am sorry. We are so thankful to have a friend like Jesus who will never stop loving us. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

July Place Mat

This printable placemat is designed to sit on the table all month long. This will give you easy access to this month’s bottom line as well as questions to ask each week and hand motions to the Bible verse.

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Anxiety Conversation Guide for Parents of Preschoolers

Here is some information you may find useful as we navigate during the upcoming weeks.

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The Parent Cue App is a powerful resource designed to help every parent do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper faith and a better future.
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