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Welcome to the Men's Ministry

Join a family of brothers who follow Jesus, encouraging one another to be men of God as we are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

For more information, please connect with Jim Hickey
at [email protected] or (951) 906-1838


To be a reflection of Jesus Christ, through fellowship and the study of His Word. To unite men towards one goal by, “doing the will of God.” To serve our family, church, community, and through missions.


To encourage, equip, and empower the men in our church, by uniting together and making life changes, staying committed to building a closer relationship with men in order to further God’s Kingdom.


  • Jesus did it.
  • Men need accountability.
  • Men don’t like to admit need for help.
  • Men need to be real.
  • Older men’s duty to raise up the younger men.
  • Men need reassurance of their gifts.
  • Men need time away from their family.
  • Men need real fellowship with Jesus.

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Current Study

Book of Hebrews

The recipients are Jesus-believing Jews who are in danger of falling away from the faith. The goal of the whole book is to show the superiority of the final realities God has revealed in the new covenant to the temporary ones of the first covenant. Its readers are encouraged to respond to the threat of persecution by recommitting to the new reality brought by Jesus.

Books of I & II Samuel

Beginning with Samuel, the last of the judges, this book describes what happened in the days of the kings who ruled first the whole nation, and then the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah. The reigns of Saul and David are described in detail. The repeating structure within the book tells how old a king was when he came to the throne, where and for how long he ruled, and something about his character and the notable events of his reign.

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